Commercial Forest Plantation


Trees grown for firewood need to be close to where they will be used, so that the cost of transport does not become a barrier to their use. SAA has so far planted nearly 11,000 ha of eucalyptus plantations in tobacco growing areas of Zimbabwe’s three Mashonaland and Manicaland provinces. In its first year of operation 2014, SAA planted 600 ha  with 6 Joint Venture Partners; 3 300 ha during 2014/15 season with 32 Joint Venture Partners; 3600 ha with 37 Join Venture Partners in 2015/16 season  and 3300 ha with 55 Joint Venture Partners in 2016/17  season; giving a cumulative total of 10800 ha.

The satellite map below shows the location of current SAA plantations and one can zoom in for more detail on each farm.