Get Involved


Get Involved

SAA does not own land for afforestation nor does it wish to undertake most of the operations involved in the establishment of its plantations. We believe that the success of our afforestation programme lies in the active participation of a wide range of community groups. Communities and individuals can be involved in our programme in a number of different ways.

Joint Venture Partnership

Monte Cassino Farm & SAA Joint Venture
Interested land owners who wish to join our forestry programme may enter a joint venture partnership with SAA covering a period of three harvests. Interested parties should contact us to inspect the farm, discuss the terms and conditions and to sign the JV Contract.

Contract Work

It is SAA’s policy to contract out most of its work operations.  Individuals who have the required resources in the form of skills, equipment or materials can approach us or respond to our tender advertisements when published.  The activities for which tender advertisements are normally called for include the following:

  • Tree seedling production using float trays and soilless growing media, involving both small scale and large scale nurseries.
  • Provision of transport services, mainly 2 tonne trucks for fire standby and planting operations and larger trucks for transportation of materials to field stations.
  • Supply of agro-chemicals, fertilizers and fencing materials.
  • Equipment hire e.g. tractors, rippers, boom sprayers, water bowsers and trailers for land preparation and establishment; and disc harrows for fire protection.
Tractor & Bowser Delivering Water


Workers in planting operation

We recruit annually either on a full time or short term contract basis several qualified and experienced foresters with practical forestry skills who are capable of working in a commercial forestry environment to meet the growth of our organisation. We also offer industrial attachment or intern schemes for students who need practical exposure as a part of their course or for graduates who wish to acquire more practical hands-on skills in forestry. Selection is based on merit.

In line with our interests in capacity building and local employment creation, SAA will recruit on a fixed term contract basis interested community members to assist with land preparation, tree planting, weeding and fire protection.

Collaborative Research

As a young organisation, SAA prefers to conduct research in collaboration with recognized and established research institutions. For example, SAA is currently working with the University of Zimbabwe and others on bamboo trials to assess their comparative growth conditions and suitability for use in tobacco curing; Tobacco Research Board on biogas trial to explore use of methane gas as an alternative fuel for tobacco curing; and the Forestry Commission’s Research Unit on biological control of insect pests affecting timber plantations.