The Sustainable Afforestation Association
(SAA) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2013, and subsequently funded by concerned tobacco merchants who recognised that earlier efforts to reverse deforestation were not effective enough, and that a different approach was needed. The Association’s Constitution lays out its three key objectives as:

  • to provide a sustainable source of timber for use in the tobacco industry in Zimbabwe;
  • to investigate and implement strategies for the conservation and rejuvenation of existing indigenous and commercial forests; and
  • generally to undertake such activities and projects directly or indirectly relating to the provision of sustainable sources of timber and the conservation and rejuvenation of existing timber resources.

Recognising the urgent need for supplementary fuelwood resources, the Association has decided to address the first and most urgent of the objectives by entering into Joint Venture (JV) partnerships with farmers within tobacco-growing districts to establish commercial-scale eucalyptus plantations. Farmer partners provide the land required for each JV, SAA provides the capital and management skills and the timber is shared at the end of each rotation.  Ownership of the plantation reverts to the farmer after three rotations. Eucalypts have been selected for initial establishment because they are fast-growing, their management requirements are well understood, they provide good-quality firewood and seed is readily available. Since January 2013, SAA has established almost 11 000 ha of fuelwood plantations.

Planting Progress (Ha)

0 ha 2000 ha 4000 ha 6000 ha 8000 ha 10 000 ha 2016-17 season → 3300 ha of 3600 ha Last updated 31/03/2016 A total of 10800 Ha were planted in the period between 2013 and 2016 2013-14 season → 600 ha 2014-15 season → 3300 ha 2015-16 season → 3600 ha 2016-17 season → 3300 ha